Computer repair tips to keep your laptop running another year – New York Computer Help tip

Whether your laptop is new or at 4 years old, there are little tech tricks to have your computer working another year.  We have many computer users coming into our computer repair shop begging “Please just get my laptop running another year!”  This sometimes can be a difficult challenge if the laptop has no power or has completely failed.  However, our tech experts have lots of tricks up our sleeves as shared in our Top 5 recession-proof tech tricks below:

  1. Laptop doesn’t have power or lights: Take the battery out, unplug charger, and hold power button for 10 seconds.  Keep battery out, plug in charger, and turn on.  Sometimes, the power needs to be reset this way and can save the laptop with no extra investment in parts.
  2. Laptop keeps shutting down due to overheating: Instead of replacing a $300 – $500 motherboard, go to Staples and purchase a $30 cooling plate to put under your laptop to cool your laptop, and lengthen it’s life.
  3. Laptop’s audio/sound doesn’t work: If your internal sound card has failed, do not replace it and spend hundreds of dollars.  Instead, buy a $40 USB sound speaker for your laptop.
  4. Laptop doesn’t turn on and has blinking lights: Take out one of the RAM modules – a bad RAM (or memory) module might prevent your laptop from starting.  No parts necessary – just remove the suspect RAM!
  5. Laptop’s internal wireless has failed: Replacing the wireless component in a laptop could cost hundreds of dollars for the part and opening up the laptop.  Instead, install a PCI slot – wireless card.  The tech setup is easy and only costs $50 – $70 for the wireless card.

The next time you bring your laptop into a laptop repair shop, ask them if there is a more affordable computer repair.  Chances are, there is and you will be able to run your computer for at least another year and beyond.

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