Computer repair: is it an exact science or an art?

Computer repair sees many different technical issues.  The first being dissecting the patient.  But, the patient is first the owner of the patient who tells the story.  Stories first entail the upcoming drama to the finale of the computer issue similar to a lawyer’s case from an eye witness to an event.  Like an attorney, computer experts have to hone in on the case’s key facts: possible computer viruses; when the computer crash occurred; and any slowness or freezing. 

Although listening to the customer’s fact finding is important, it is also important to perform a full diagnostic of the computer to check out all of the hardware and software status findings.  So, back to the question, is computer repair an exact science or an art.  Both is the cheeky answer here.  First, the diagnostic process to go about any hardware or software issues is a scientific one.  Numerous utilities and tests are performed to get to the root of the issue.  The action to resolve the issue is mostly scientific, but has some artistic flair sometimes in getting there. 

For example, if there is a Windows corruption, the fix for it is pretty straightforward, or shall we say scientific.  However, depending on the severity of the corruption, sometimes the direct resolution may or may not work.  So, if too many Windows files are corrupted, then the repair will not work and a Windows reinstallation wil have to do.  Also, spyware and virus removal may be diagnosed scientifically by different tests, but the way about removing them can take different courses based on the technician.

Of course, different skills sets will dictate which course of action may be taken.  Some take the well-instructed book or manual route whereas others rely on experience.  Within the the many different backgrounds comes a mix of science and art, beautifully designing a repaired sculpture of your computer.

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