Here comes the iPhone OS 4.0 – is it worth the computer upgrade?

%image_alt%Once again, there was another Apple event this past Thursday.  Once again, Apple went on its hype machine.  But, instead of presenting a shiny new product, Apple, in a precarious position, hypes its ability to compete with Google’s Android phone.  What?!  The iPhone is trying to be like another phone?

Yes, Apple’s main downfall with the iPhone is its inability to multi-task.  For a computer, this means being able to download a song or play a song while working on a spreadsheet or making a Skype call.  For the Android, you can listen to uninterrupted music while surfing the Internet.  Now, the iPhone will be able to do the same thing with the 4.0 operating system.  Specifically, Apple called on the the Pandora CEO to discuss how iPhones will be able to use a new app for Pandora to listen to music while working on anything else at the same time.  With iPhone’s current 3.0 operating system, music in Pandora or another app would stop and start if working with another application since multi-tasking, or processing within 2 different apps at the same time, is unavailable.

Android vs. iPhone

For most users, multi-tasking is not a big deal.  The phone is so small to the point where working with 2 apps at the same time is not only unnecessary, but requires the user to go back and forth with minimized pages which could cause a hassle.  However, if you like listening to music, multi-tasking will improve your world by still being able to be productive with your tunes.  When 4.0 comes out, make sure you create a file back-up prior to the software upgrade.  The tech support level on this install is fairly easy and should not require a computer repair expert.

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