Is your head dizzy from all of the social networking websites? Have we gone Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn crazy yet?

%image_alt%Social networking websites are at an all-time high.  There is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.  Not only are they the buzz nowadays, they all link back to each other.  So, if you are checking out a Facebook page you like, if that Facebook page has a Twitter account, you can also see their Twitter account.  Further, there may be posts from LinkedIn via Twitter or Facebook.  Which one should you keep up with?  Are these sites getting too circular to keep up with?

Admittedly, we are a bit dizzy ourselves from trying to keep up with the latest buzz of the social networking sites.  We have been big believers in keeping up with our blog to further

Favorite NYC computer service networking sites

provide our arm of computer support to NYC and other areas for how-to tech service guides, news, and recommendations.  Now, to extend our reach, it seems imperative to connect our written tech support info on the social networking sites (see our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages).  Further, it is a must-do for friends and professionals to sign up on these sites to stay in touch and keep opportunities open.  Is all this social networking really necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to pick 3-4 good social networking sites.  You shouldn’t just post the same content within all of the websites.  It is good to pick different sites since you can join the different groups from each of the websites to engage in conversations and meet new people with the same interests.  It is time consuming to keep up with the social networking Jones’, but it is a the new way to keep up with past and new contacts.  Hopefully, there were not be too many more social networking sites.  We are all trying to keep our heads from spinning too much with all of the current networking sites!

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