And the Internet browser winner goes to…Chrome! – nyc computer support review

We polled a sample of our customers asking, “What is your favorite Internet Browser?”  Surprisingly, Internet %image_alt% Explorer is the least favorite! 

Here are the top 3 Internet Browser favorites:

  1. Chrome – Another Google product, many are in love with its speed and Incognito feature to hide website history tracks.  Also, it  hands you easy access to your most visited links and bookmarks, all within a new Tab.
  2. Firefox – Known as the anti-Internet Explorer browser, users like its performance and thousands of Firefox add-ons that allow you to customize your browser with apps and tools without going to another window.
  3. Opera – Internet enthusiasts like its Opera Link feature, allowing users to pull up Bookmarks from any computer they are at.  We, personally, are not Opera fans due to its low picture resolution quality.
%image_alt%In the comments section of the poll, many computer users blame Internet Explorer for slow performance as well as viruses and spyware.  This negative reaction prompted them to try other Internet browsers. 

Historically, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera have not been known to provide good security against phishing and malicious threats.  In the last few years, however,  these popular browsers have improved their security protection, allowing them to still perform fast when navigating from site to site.  This combination of speed and security has allowed them to stand out from Internet Explorer.  Further, it seems like computer users get an initial sour taste with Internet Explorer since it is the default browser for Windows and they are forced to use it.  Fortunately, their browsing experience soon turns positive when switching to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

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