Should you upgrade your old laptop? – nyc laptop repair

If you have a laptop that is 3+ years old, there may be a quick and cheap way to make it faster.  If your computer is%image_alt% slow or just not what like it used to be, there are 3 computer tips to get it moving faster:

  • Clean it up!  Any programs you don’t need, get rid of.  That takes up startup and loading speed.  Not sure if you%image_alt% have the most updated anti-virus software.  Don’t worry, use Trend Micro’s free online tool to perform a free virus / spyware scan to clean up any infections.
  • Speed it up!  The cheapest way to speed up your laptop is to max out the RAM.  Go to Crucial to see exactly what your laptop is capable to upgrade to.  The RAM is usually between $20 – $50.  Don’t worry, the tech support level in installing RAM is super easy.  As long as you have a Phillips screwdriver and can remove 2-3 screws, you can install additional RAM.
  • Size it up!  Hard drives lose its speed over time.  Chances are you are losing speed with your hard drive taking longer to access your files.  You also might be on a slower 5400RPM hard drive.  There are 7200RPM hard drives and faster.  Just replace your hard drive for a faster, larger one.  Tech%image_alt% support on this one is moderate to difficult.  If not comfortable, bring in your laptop to an NYC computer repair shop to image your current hard drive to a newer, faster, bigger one.

Other than those upgrades, you shouldn’t do anything further, such as motherboard replacements as those are cost-prohibitive and just prompt getting a new laptop.

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