How to text without a cell phone – Textfree / iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad support

%image_alt%We all have text plans with our phones nowadays, but what if you want to set restrictions for your kids.  Or you just don’t feel like paying the $20 every month for this basic service? 

Textfree, created by the company, Pinger, is the new game-changer in the text IT service industry.  If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you can text for free with Textfree. 

This is how Textfree works:

  1. On your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, connect to a wireless network via your wi-fi mode.
  2. Go to the website, TextFree, and download the free app via the App Store.
  3. Get a valid phone number for texting and text away for free!

You’ll get unlimited text messages for free.  In return, TextFree posts advertisements in the frames of your texts.  TextFree advertises and you text for free.  Not a bad deal.  In the future, the service will also offer voice calling.  And you’ll be able to earn minutes for free by filling out polls, surveys, and other goofy stuff.

%image_alt%Why would you want this free texting service?  If you have an iPhone, it’s a no brainer – you text anyway on your phone so why not do it for free?!  Yes, your number will be different from your normal one, but that’s not terrible.  Also, if you have an iPad, and you’re relaxing somewhere at the pool, vacation, or elsewhere, it’s nice to not have to go back and forth between two devices. 

The iPod Touch is more for the kids, but can be a good way to teach them the value of money.  If you want to text, Do it for free!  It could save Mommy and Daddy lots of dough the way kids text like crazy nowadays.  The tech support setup with this service is easy, don’t worry.

The added value of this free text service is that the big guys, AT&T and Verizon, are taking notice and hopefully realize they better bring down their text rate or include better packages if they want to remain current and viable.

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