Apple’s Magic Trackpad review – apple support


Apple has come out with yet another product, the Magic Trackpad.  This replaces the Magic Mouse for a slab of smooth glass for a mouse.  This flat surface allows you to swipe and finger around for left-clicking and right-clicking on your Mac.  It allows for smooth navigation on websites and e-mail

Here are the pros to the Magic Trackpad:%image_alt%

  • Ergonomically-set to ease carpal-tunnel syndrome
  • Easy maneuverability – you can left and right click anywhere on the trackpad
  • Great manipulation – you can rotate, enlarge, turn, move, pictures and objects very easily
  • Sleek – it sits right next to your keyboard and you don’t have to move it at all like a mouse.

Here are the cons to the Magic Trackpad:

  • Awkward – it might take some time getting used to putting your hand on a the aluminum pad, but iPhone and iPad users should have no problems.
  • Only compatible with Snow Leopard – PC users and older Macs will not be able to work with this.
  • Price is $69 – this is definitely higher than basic mice

Overall, the Magic Trackpad is a nice feature for an upgraded mouse.  It will come in handy for artists, engineers, architects, and others would enjoy the feel of navigation and the ease of maneuvering objects.  The apple support is quite straight-forward in terms of the tech setup.

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