Watch out for ‘Here you have’ virus – it removes your antivirus software

The ‘Here you have’ virus has been going strong for several days now.  Here’s how it looks:  You’ll receive the email%image_alt% with a subject line of ‘Here you have’ and some versions have the text of ‘Hello: This is the document I told you about…’  or ‘This is the free download sex movies..’ 

The worm called VBMania may enter into your computer by way of attachment download.  If you receive this type of computer virus, delete, delete, delete!  Delete it from your inbox, and to be safe, empty your deleted items also. 

How does the virus work?  The virus triggers when opening the PDF file attachment.  Then, the virus is downloaded onto the machine and then sends the same email to all of the contacts.  The virus goes another step by trying to shut down any antivirus software. 

Two things are particularly interesting here.  One is this virus acts like the old ‘I love you’ virus that came out 10 years ago.  The ‘I love you’ virus also uses its worm-like ability to go through the email address book and send copies to contacts.  The second thing to note is that although this virus acts like an old virus of 10 years ago, high-level firms, such as NASA, AIG, Comcast, and Disney were still unable to prevent such an outbreak.  Comcast’s computers were so infected that they had to shut down its server network on Friday.

So what should you do to prevent this virus?  Just do the typical – make sure your antivirus is up to date.  Also, make sure you have the latest Windows updates which will help to prevent any vulnerabilities and spyware.

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