Twitter unveils new design – social computer networking news

The new Twitter design makes the view easier to navigate for users.  The new interface takes a page from Outlook’s preview pane.  When you click on a  tweet, it will open up to the right-side preview pane.  This is great since it doesn’t leave the main profile page that you’re on as you’ll still be able to see it and go to the next tweet quickly.  Plus, you’ll be able to scroll through the whole page of someone you’re following where the older design had limitations.

Another great addition, although vague, is Twitter’s improved internal computer network architecture.  Why should you care?  Because the upgraded company website will decrease Twitter outages.  The old design would lead to Twitter company network downtime, leaving users locked out of their profile or unable to send large pictures or tweets.  Hopefully, the new network stability will work well becasue I’m sick of seeing lame Twitter computer error messages.

For the design, Twitter partnered with YouTube, TwitPic, Flickr, and Vimeo.  The content from these new partners will be seen in the new viewing pane.  Although no money was earned, this partnership is a smart move since it will only further increase the content on Twitter’s site.  Further,  it allows users to watch more pictures and videos from Twitter instead of leaving the website.

Overall, the new design is a great move for its ease of use, speed, stability, and instant content growth.  Check it out!

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