Beware: Laptops could lead to ‘toasted skin syndrome’ – ny laptop repair

Laptops have been created for essentially putting them on your lap and working.  That’s why they’re called LAPtops.  Laptops were introduced as an alternative to desktops so you can take the computer wherever you want and work with it on your lap.  No need for a desk any more.

After decades of LAPtop processing, there has been one computer issue in the laptop philosophy.  Heat!  Generally, older laptops do not have the same capacity to cool the internal components as newer laptops do.  This is due to thinned out, overheated fans and components.  Plus, a lot of grit and dust can get congested in the fan and vents of a laptop, causing the laptop base, or bottom, to get very hot. 

Laptops have been getting so hot lately, that a 12-year-old boy was reported to developed sponge-patterned skin discoloration after playing computer games a few hours a day for several months while resting the laptop on his thigh.  Others have reported the same type of discoloration after using a hot laptop for a period of months.  This effect is now called toasted skin syndrome.   This syndrome is similar to overusing a heating pad that is not hot enough to cause a burn, but may darken skin permanently.  In rare cases, this could lead to skin cancer. 

On another note, such high laptop temperatures over time may cause elevated scrotum temperatures in men, possibly decreasing sperm production and infertility.  So, guys, it’s not worth the risk!

Here’s how you can prevent toasted skin syndrome and other possible heat issues:

  1. Use a desk if possible.  This will help dissipate the air flow better and save your thighs.
  2. If you don’t have a desk, place a book, laptop case or another flat surface between your legs and the laptop.
  3. Put your pants on!  No shorts or undies while working on your laptop.  Have some clothing on that acts as a barrier.
  4. Blow out the dust.  Use a compressed can of air to blow out your laptop and have a NY computer repair shop ensure the laptop has good ventilation.

It is good practice to use the 4 steps above not to just prevent heat issues for your skin, but to also prevent a computer crash.  Heat is one of the number one reasons why a computer has a motherboard failure.  So, guarding against heat will save your legs and laptop.

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