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%image_alt%Backing up files usually consists of putting your pics, music, email, and word files on an external hard drive or DVD.  However, if your computer crashes and requires a operating system reinstall, your programs need to be reinstalled also.  If you don’t have the CDs or the licenses any longer, you’re out of luck.

Iomega SSD Flash Drive is looking to roll the luck back in your direction with its imaging software. Iomega has started the revolution of USB 3.0 interface devices with its 1.8″ form factor external hard drive.  The 3.0 speed is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 so that’s a nice performance boost.  Being a flash drive, it doesn’t contain moving parts, bracing against bumps and falls with more shock absorbency.  The drive comes in 3 flavors, 64GB for $229, 128GB for $399, and $749 for the $256B one.  The rates are alarmingly high, but may be warranted for the 64GB or 128GB one for business computer networks.

For instance, the drive may be tailored for IT networks on a large scale due to the imaging software, Roxio%image_alt% Retrospect, the Iomega external drive comes with.  This software clones an actual image of your PC, including the files, programs, and operating system.  So, if your laptop or desktop bites the dust, you can throw the clone on another computer and you’ll be up and running as if you were on your computer.  You don’t have to worry about reinstalling your hard-to-find software since the clone will have this on there already.  MozyHome cloud backup is also included with the drive.  Plus, you get antivirus software and a 3-year warranty on the drive.  Overall, I wonder if you’re paying for the drive or the perks.

On a business front, the drive is a great since you can clone one computer, and use it to mirror hundreds of computers quickly. On a personal front, if your C drive partition or overall hard drive is 128GB or smaller, then the price points for the 64GB and 128GB drives are a good bet.  However, the 256GB is outrageously expensive at $749 as you might as well just buy a $100 500GB portable drive along with $50 Retrospect or Acronis mirroring software.

The Iomega SSD flash drive is coming out in November if you’re interested.

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