New MacBook Air is out – macbook air support review

%image_alt%Apple has a tough task at hand: releasing a notebook after the iPad. The iPad was cheaper than the standard Apple computer, light, and has a long battery life.  So, Apple is looking to top the iPad with the newest MacBook Air.  And Apple, as the consummate revolutionizer, does it again!

Here are the notable upgrades with the Macbook Air. It’s lighter, a little cheaper, and has a longer battery life.  Sounds a little like the iPad, right? Right! Apple has stolen a page from the iPad design, creating the first flash storage battery for its laptop line.  With the flash storage, everything is affected – the laptop design doesn’t have to bulk up for a regular hard drive and enclosure.  Instead, the flash storage is built right onto the logic board so barely any space is taken and data recovery jobs are guarded since a laptop drop will be less likely to crash the hard drive.  %image_alt%

Since there is more space with the flash storage, Apple has dedicated 65% of the inside casing to the battery. In fact, as you can see in the adjacent picture, most of the inside part of the MacBook Air is encased with battery compartments.  These batteries allow the product to have 5-7 hours of active battery life.  Further, it takes a second to come back from sleep mode, and it can stay in sleep for a day or two with spare battery life left.

Here are some other nice upgrades:

  • Similar to the iPhone, the MacBook Air showcases the FaceTime Camera for calls over Wi-Fi to fellow Mac users.
  • The resolution has upgraded to a crisper 16:9 aspect ratio, better than most notebooks.
  • The stereo speakers delivers are richer integrated sound.
  • The 13″ model includes an integrated SD card slot.
  • Wireless is a fast 802.11 N Wi-fi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

Pricing is $999 for the 11-inch model and $1,299 for the 13-inch one.  The only downfall is the lack of space with 64GB – 256GB being the range of storage space.  Also, with the thinness of the notebook, there is not an integrated CD/DVD drive.  If you’re looking for an iPad-like design with a little more storage space and the feel of a regular Mac operating system, the MacBook Air is for you.  The lack of an internal drive doesn’t bother me.  Typically, the only time you need it is when setting up your new Mac for the first time.  If you need it beyond the first setup, you can buy a good $60 portable external DVD drive or have an nyc computer repair shop install software for you.  Overall, the MacBook Air is a great product to go with, especially for the portability and long battery life.

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