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Windows 8 leaked by Microsoft – Windows support

In a strange mistake by Microsoft, news was leaked on their website that Windows 8 is coming out in 2 years. Initially, I thought this was taking a page from the Apple rumor mill, but Microsoft quickly removed the blurb a day later.  The info said that Windows 8 will be the next evolution that is being worked on, due sometime in 2012.

When first reading the news, I was upset since I really like Windows 7 so much and would hate to see anything screwed up with the next operating system and require unnecessary computer repair support. But, then I remembered how delayed Windows is with its operating systems releases so it could be a good 3-4 years before a new Windows 8 comes up.

Hopefully, Windows 8 will just build upon Windows 7 if Microsoft is smart, and not dummy down like it did with Windows Vista. Windows Vista was probably the shortest running operating system before Microsoft realized it was a dud, and released Windows 7.

The notable feature I’m looking forward to is Windows 8’s support for USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb/s. New motherboards are adopting these faster protocols, but current operating systems do not support them yet.  A new service pack in Windows 7 might support it, but most likely we’ll have to wait for Windows 8 to integrate operating system support for this.

If Windows 8 comes out on time, I foresee a lot of people sticking with their Windows 7 computers, and then waiting for Windows 9 to come out before buying and setting up a new PC. This is similar to sticking with Windows XP, and skipping Windows Vista to buy Windows 7.  Most of our computer users try to have their PCs last a good 3-4 years so this runs true to that philosophy.  So, don’t worry, if Windows 8 comes out too soon, just wait until you really need to upgrade your operating system.

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