Best laptop lock: Kensington ClickSafe review – nyc computer security

%image_alt%Our world is more portable. Laptops, notebooks, and netbooks are the way to go nowadays and it shows.  In libraries and coffee shops, you’ll find loads of these portable computers.  What drives me crazy is that I see computer users leave their computers alone when going to the bathroom or outside for a break.  And there is no physical lock or password on their computer.  It’s just asking to be stolen!

Locking down your laptop, physically and logically, is a must. The physical aspect deals with securing it down to the desk with a lock while the logical is using a password, duh!  In regard to the best laptop lock, I’m a big fan of Kensington’s new ClickSafe.  It’s not clunky or hard to setup.

Here’s how you setup the Kensington ClickSafe:%image_alt%

  1. Push the locking mechanism into the laptop security slot, the rectangular slot found in 99% of laptops.
  2. Then, attach the ClickSafe into the locking mechanism.
  3. Finally, strap the cable around a chair leg or another stable item.

At $50, this is a good buy for its easy computer setup and security aspect.  It is as secure as it gets with cut-proof resistance steel.  This is a good point because I’ve seen older laptop lock cables cut right through so this will provide good computer security against that.  Also, this is one of the lightest, smallest locks made which will allow you to bring this anywhere.  The unique factor here is that use open the lock with a physical key.  For office networks, you can assign user keys and also have computer administrator keys in case the user loses the key or is out of the office.  The Kensington lock is definitely the way to go if you want a secure, smart, and portable laptop lock.

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