How to text messages from AT&T’s website – text message computer support

I left my Blackberry at home today while running out the door with my 4-year old daughter.  While we were on the way to her pre-school (Michelle was skipping and Daddy was running after her), I realized that my other treasure, my Blackberry, was left on the foot of my bed.  Isn’t it the worst when you not only forget something, but you remember exactly where you left it last?!

So, as a crazed text messenger, what was I to do? My contact to all of our computer technicians is primarily through texts.  Here’s the next computer service visit; here’s the computer issue; the customer on this one might need some psychology also.  You know, the typical computer lingo.  What I found was a great way to still text even without my phone and want to share this info with you in case you don’t know.

If you have AT&T, here’s how to send text messages from AT&T’s website:

  1. Login to myWireless Account
  2. Select Message Center
  3. Click Send Text Message
  4. Enter the phone number and text message.
  5. Click Send.

Unfortunately, you cannot receive text messages from the AT&T site, but this saved me for the ability to still send text messages when my phone was left home.  I even was able to scare my wife my making believe my blackberry itself was texting her with: “Did you steal Joe’s phone?  Please answer in 5 minutes or I’ll press 911.”  Okay, enough of the geek humor.  Just wanted to share this text messaging website for you AT&T phone users.

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