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Report hackers and resolve computer hacker issues through Verizon’s site – nyc hacker security

%image_alt%The worst part about being hacked is there is no retribution against the evildoer. The typical process when being computer hacked is that your computer will have computer viruses, PC blue screens, or your email account is not able to be opened any more.  All you can do is attempt to restore your computer back to how it was before.  But, what about the hacker?  And how can you prevent yourself from the same security breach.  Do you even know what the security breach was from the computer hacker?

The challenge is that companies do not want offer any information that their computer networks had a security breach. It makes them look vulnerable and might make customers feel less secure giving them business going forward.  Now, Verizon has developed a website, VERIS, a.k.a Verizon Enterprise Risk and Incident Sharing to allow companies to anonymously share their hacked experience to a community.  In turn, security issues are kept private and the same hacked issues and protection for such will be provided for quick security resolution.  Further, possible capture of the hackers is in sight due to the collaborative information provided by the hacked organizations.

You should keep the VERIS website link in your tech support tool chest just in case you are hacked. Then, you’ll be able to find a quick computer fix.

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