3D laptops are coming out – 3D laptop review – laptop support

Everything is very new with 3D TV’s now. Before you can blink, 3D laptops are about to come out as well.  To me, it’s seems like it would be too much for the eye to handle 3D graphics all day long.  But, if you’re watching movies or TV from your laptop on an occasional basis, then it makes sense.

Who’s coming out with 3D laptops? Lenovo, Toshiba, and Asustek.  The Lenovo, for instance, had already launched its Lenovo Ideapad Y560 15.6 inch 3D laptop.  They’ll be showcasing 15.6 inch to 17.3 inch screens to target movie watchers and gamers who are seeking richer multimedia experiences.  The 3D laptops are reasonably priced at $1,200 and higher, and come with 3D glasses.

The nice part about these laptops are that if you don’t want to use the 3D capability, just take off your 3D glasses.  So, there’s obviously no computer support experience necessary here.  The only computer setup you’ll need is the ability to put on or remove your 3D glasses!

I’m not a big gamer myself, but I could see myself getting into first-person shooters and sports games.  Just imagine the depth you’d see when you play a game in 3D.  It is possible that some people would prefer to buy a 3D laptop instead of buying a Playstation or Wii, just for the 3D games.  So, there may be some revenue loss for the TV game consoles.  However, that is probably not the case since TV’s are now in 3D now.  As long as the TV games are made for 3D, then their position with gamers is secure.  Well, this is not the case if a consumer doesn’t own a big screen TV and is also looking to buy a laptop.  It will be interesting to see how the 3D laptops battle the 3D TV’s down the road.

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