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Facebook now does text messages. How to set up Facebook text messages – Facebook computer support

Facebook has now set up text messaging. 

Here’s how to sign up for Facebook texts:

  1. Activate your phone at the Facebook Mobile Website.
  2. You’ll receive a text message confirmation code that you’ll need to enter into Facebook.
  3. Then, configure what text notifications you’d like to receive.

At first, I wondered how is text messages going to be integrated into Facebook.  Can you text your friends through Facebook or your phone?  Doesn’t that defeat the whole IM’ing on a computer?  Don’t we already have the Facebook app for the iPhone and Blackberry?  In the end, texting really isn’t for communicating, but more for notifications.  Did someone send you a message?  Get a text notification.   A post on your wall?  Get a text about it.  Friend request, photo tag, comment, poke, and the list goes on for what else you can get a text notification about.

I think this is blatant overkill.  Yes, you can configure which notifications to get texts for which is nice.  And you can even say what times to receive texts.  That’s good for parents who don’t want annoying Facebook texts to wake up their baby… or for people who have more exciting lives than waiting for a FB text. 

Yes, the computer technology and the IT support Facebook provides is superior, but I feel if you’re curious to really stay on top of Facebook all the time, set it up for your phone, or check out the Facebook site when you have a chance.  For die-hard Facebookers, just stay logged into Facebook in the day.

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