iPad 2 Review – iPad 2 is coming early 2011 – iPad support

What’s cooler than the iPad?   The iPad 2, the next generation iPad 2.!  How much better can the iPad 2 get?  Well, here are the notable upgrades with the new iPad 2, coming out in early 2011:

  1. Facetime – Yes, that means a camera will be integrated on the iPad.  The front-facing camera will allow you to video chat.  It is not 100% confirmed, but investment firm, Detwiler Fenton, said that based on Apple’s supply chain research, there will also be a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera to take pictures with.  Cameras on both sides would allow for easy picture/video taking, meaning cameras and laptops are not needed for this functionality any longer.
  2. Mini USB – It is possible that a mini usb will be on the next iPad.  This will allow for easy connections to external hard drives, USB flash drives, printers, mice, and keyboards.  But, don’t get your hopes up yet since this component may not be ready in time for the launch.

If you’re a camera/video junkie, the iPad 2 is perfect for you since you’ll have a 3-in-one device with being able to take pictures, videos, and use a computer with the iPad 2.  The operating system and beautiful graphics will stay the same which is a great thing.  Any time there is a computer upgrade, the operating system is usually upgraded also just to make it different.  Kudos to Apple for knowing when not to change.  No word of pricing has come out yet, but it is expected to remain the same or slightly higher.  The Apple support for the new iPad 2 will also remain the same which means you can expect cheery and top tech support.

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