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Best hosted Exchange service: Sherweb – hosted exchange support

Would you like to set up an Exchange server without the initial cost and mess? Then, you should opt for an outsourced hosted exchange.  This allows you to use an Exchange company’s server that you connect to.  Of course, this isn’t any typical Exchange server, but actually a server farm than can handle thousands of clients’ Outlook info.  You can even sync your blackberry or iPhone to it.

There is Google Apps which is the most well-known one.  But, Google Apps still cannot figure out how you can use your public folders.  So, that one is out the window.  Intermedia? Not bad, but could get pricey for large amounts of Outlook data and users.  The latest hosted Exchange winner on our list is:  SherWeb.

SherWeb provides 25GB per mailbox which is right on par with Google Apps storage size. It is priced at $7.95 / month and provides Exchange 2010 support.  Our email specialists have set up several SherWeb email accounts, and have done so without a hitch.  The one challenge lately has been a glitch with their Exchange 2010 server with Windows XP users, where mail will be sent in a staggered, delayed fashion.  But, their tech support quickly provided a work-around to get mail flowing again, provided easy instructions to access Webmail, and was quick to let me know he will call when the email issue is fully resolved.  Great response!

SherWeb allows you to share your contacts, calendars, and emails.  You can even collaborate with your office for public folders.  Plus, SherWeb also offers cloud services where you can share info online if you’d like.  It’s definitely worth checking out.

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