Google Chrome operating system review – operating system support

%image_alt%We are used to Windows and Mac for operating systems, with the occasional Linux for netbooks.  Now, Google is looking to shake things up with its own operating system, Google Chrome OS.

The main difference with the Chrome operating system is that everything is web-based. This means that all %image_alt%applications are on the Internet so you’ll be working with browser-based apps instead of desktop ones, such as Microsoft Word.  You can get all of these web-based applications from the Chrome Web Store.  This sounds very similar to the Apple iTunes store where you can also download web apps, or iPhone and iPad apps.

One of the reasons for using web apps is so your computer will be as fast as possible. Instead of loading several start-up programs, there is pretty much nothing to load.  Your computer will start within 10 seconds flat.  The fast computer start up is due to the lack of startup apps, but also because of the peppy solid state storage drive that the Chrome OS computer will be released with.  That’s right, Google is also designing its own computer to go along with the Chrome OS operating system which will be called the Cr-48.

Here are the specs of the Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebook:

  • Chrome operating system%image_alt%
  • 12.1″ screen
  • webcam
  • solid state storage
  • dual-band 802.11n wireless and integrated world-mode 3G
  • 8-hr battery life
  • 2-year free data service via Verizon up to 100MB / month; then $10 for fixed time/amount thereafter

This Google Chrome notebook is really a solid, cold-turkey approach to forcing computer users to go to the cloud. Please note that the web apps may be used offline also when Wi-Fi is unavailable.  The notebook is geared to web-apps focus here.  I’m a big believer in web apps since it is an automatic file backup of your files, and prevents costly data recovery computer issues.  That being said, the Google Chrome operating system is not for the traditional or brick and mortar folks.  You will encounter change with this notebook, not only with web apps, but with an entirely new operating system that you’ve never seen before.

I recommend to take baby steps first with checking out the Google docs, spreadsheets and online files within your gmail first.  This will give you a good feel for online apps first.  If you’re comfortable with this, then the Google Chrome notebook could be a good choice for you.  Also, if you have already played with the iPad or netbooks, the Google Chrome notebook is also a good option since you’re already used to the quick computer startup and online technology.

At this time, the Chrome OS is expected to be launched mid-2011.  Acer and Samsung are now the front runners to install the operating system on their notebooks.

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