Best travel computer of choice: MacBook Air – apple repair support

As my family and I took our annual holiday trip to Miami, I looked all around in amazement.  Being a tech expert, I try to not only research and study up on the latest tech gadgets, but I also try to do my best to observe what computer users enjoy the most.  Although it was a small sampling of tech support users, I saw an incredible amount of MacBook Air notebooks being used in Newark airport as well as in the Miami hotel. 

Typically, I would see a smattering of Dells, Toshibas, HPs, and just a few Apples.  But, 2011 has marked the year of the MacBook Air. Young and old are sitting around with MacBook Airs at probably at 80% clip among the laptop users traveling to Miami.  I can totally see why – it is the thinnest laptop in the world.  Yes, I just took a quote from Steve Jobs, but he’s absolutely correct.  The 13″ model is perfect.  You can see well on the screen and it’s light as a feather.  If you want a netbook-sized computer, you can go with the 11″ model.  It is ridiculously small and light, and you can slip it easily in your bag or almost your pocket for that matter!  Plus, it goes for only $999 with the base model.

The cool factor with the MacBook Air, as all Mac notebooks, is the backlight feature.  In the lobby within the hotel, as all lobbies, is dim.  So, the backlight is a great feature to still see the keyboard while typing.  As per the storage space, you can buy one with 64GB or as big as 256GB of hard drive space.  As another great travel note, the MacBook Air has flash storage which means you don’t have to worry about your hard drive going belly up from a fall.  The flash storage doesn’t have moving parts like the conventional hard drive so a fall will not easily result in data recovery due to a dead hard drive.

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