Verizon iPhone review – iphone support

It’s here!  The Verizon iPhone is coming out on February 10th!  You can pre-order as early as February 3rd for the $200 16GB iPhone with a 2-year agreement or grab the $300 32GB%image_alt% version.  The masses may order on February 10th like normal folks. 

In regard to the phone itself, it is on the Verizon 3G (EV-DO) network.  So, it’s not on the 4G data or GSM roaming service.  In lesser tech support terms, it’s on the same speed as AT&T.  The nice feature Verizon has included is the new antenna design which resolves the death grip reception issue.  Another cool feature is the ability to use the Verizon iPhone a a 5-user Wi-Fi hotspot, called the Personal Hotspot.  The AT&T iPhone can just tether directly to one computer.  One reduction is the loss of a SIM slot.  Maybe they just didn’t have time to include this for the launch?

There is an operating system upgrade on the Verizon iPhone.  It is version 4.2.5.  What does that mean?  Absolutlely no difference except the new Personal Hotspot functionality.  Same phone, different computer network here basically, that’s all.  But, if you’re sick of AT&T, why not jump to Verizon which has been touted as the best NYC wireless phone service.  The way I see it is that the AT&T iPhone service may be spotty at times due to the whole US using AT&T for iPhone service, causing the AT&T network to be close to capacity.  Yes, the Verizon iPhone service should be good only because there is a lot of network capacity to enjoy.  But, those patient AT&T die-hards will enjoy better service as more people jump ship.

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