Angry Birds is now available on your computer – apps computer support – Angry Birds desktop review

%image_alt%I’m a huge Angry Birds fan on my iPad.  It works well on the iPhone too, but I prefer it on the iPad due to the larger screen.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who loves Angry Birds since it was the #1 App in 2010.  I’m convinced computer users bought iPads just for the game.  Okay, maybe I’m just thinking about myself here.

Now, Rovio, the Angry Birds developer, has smartly broadened its horizons by making the game available on PCs and Macs.  My initial question when I heard this was: “Will the game have the same hands-on feel like with the iPad and iPhone?”  The answer is mixed.  For the Mac support-end, the answer is yes if you have the multi-touch trackpad.  This trackpad acts just like the iPad and iPhone since it can zoom, drag, and release as if you were on the glass.  However, on the PC support-end, your user experience is greatly diminished due to being left with only a mouse to navigate.  Yes, you can get used to it, but why should you when the hands-on iPad support and iPhone support experience are so much better.%image_alt%

The only possible negative of playing on your PC or Mac is that you won’t be able to start on the same level you left off from your mobile device.  Well, unless%image_alt% Rovio is able to set you up for a user account that is cross-platform computer compatible with mobile devices and computers.  The desktop version of the game is priced at $10, but may be found for $5 introductory rate.  Yes, it’s a bit more than the mobile app, but if you’re an Angry Birds addict like me, it’s worth it.  You may download the Angry Birds for PC at Intel AppUp and download the Angry Birds for Mac at the Apple Apps Store.

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