Facebook email is here. How is it different? – nyc email support

Facebook is offering email accounts with the @facebook.%image_alt%com name. Do you really need it?  How is this different than your gmail or yahoo email support account?

The email account is by invitation only.  But, you can force the invite by requesting a Facebook invitation.  Pretty sneaky, or is this just copying gmail’s velvet rope invite only process when they first started?  You decide.

Now, on to the why question.  Why do you really want another email account to manage? With this Facebook email account, the benefit is that is allows you to combine every Facebook conversation, chat, text, message, and now emails.  So, it’s an email organizer of sorts, almost like Outlook for social networking.  Not too shabby.  The Facebook email also includes a spam blocker, and you can control who can send messages to you.  If you’re a Facebook fanatic, this is the tool to take you to the next level of Facebook %image_alt%bliss.  I’m mostly a poster of computer repair content on the New York Computer Help Facebook page.  I try to keep up with friends once in a while, but not enough to warrant a Facebook email invite.

As the big picture goes, this Facebook email account stage is showing how Facebook is really competing nicely against the Googles of the world. There’s not much Google has that Facebook doesn’t or won’t have soon.  They both offer emails, chats, instant messages, advertising, and are the pulse of the Internet.  Facebook is the real deal, and Google’s saving grace, in my mind, is their multitude of free apps that help computer networks and friends communicate with each other.

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