Hulu vs. Netflix – which online tech service is better?

Netflix has been around for the last decade with its movie rentals. Then, it got online literally where you now can stream movies.  Streaming allows you to watch a movie by simply clicking on the movie from the Netflix site.  That is in contrast to downloading which requires you to wait for the large movie to copy to your computer and then you’ll be able to watch it. Downloading a movie could make your computer crash ultimately if it takes too much space whereas streaming requires a pretty fast Internet connection to view the content.

Hulu, for the past few years, has been streaming TV shows. Now, Hulu is competing for Netflix customers by getting into the movie streaming industry.  So far, it has added 800 movies with its Hulu Plus subscription.  Netflix is headed past the 20,000 threshold mark with its movie library.

Besides content, let’s view some head-to-head match-ups:

  • Price: Hulu Plus is $10/month for all TV shows on ABC, NBC, Fox and some movies.  Netflix is a minimum of $9/month for movies and less extensive TV shows.  A tie.
  • Tech setup: Both require an Internet-enabled TV with Wi-Fi or ethernet port.  Netflix goes a step above by allowing Netflix to work through DVD players, game consoles, and wireless support TV devices.  One for Netflix.
  • Image quality: Hulu Plus streams shows in 720p high-def resolution while Netflix only shows some movies in high-def.  One for Hulu.
  • Commercials: Hulu Plus has them and Netflix doesn’t.  Aren’t we supposed to avoid commercials by paying for the service?  Netflix wins this category.

Overall, Netflix is still in the lead due to its exhaustive movie library as well as easy technology setup. Pretty much every device nowadays allows Netflix streaming.  Plus the tech service at Netflix is very responsive.

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