Can I use a 90w charger for my 65w laptop? nyc laptop repair

%image_alt%Yes, you can use a 90 watt ac adapter, a.k.a power charger, for your 65 watt-compatible laptop.  It will actually charge your battery faster.  But, and this is a big but, you cannot use a 19 Volt ac adapter on an 18.5 Volt-laptop.  It will be too powerful and burn right through the port and motherboard eventually, frying your laptop.  You will need to replace your motherboard which is costly.

You’ll also need to make sure your ac adapter port is compatible with the laptop jack. This is easy to figure out.  If it doesn’t fit, don’t use it!  Some ac adapters are interchangeable, such as Dell support ac adapters work with some Lenovo and HP laptops while some Toshiba support ac adapters fit into Acer laptops.

If you are not sure if your ac adapter is compatible, you should ask a local nyc computer repair shop.  Better be safe than sorry.

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10 thoughts on “Can I use a 90w charger for my 65w laptop? nyc laptop repair”

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    1. Joe Silverman

      You always want to lower than what your laptop requires. Otherwise, you may short the motherboard. You can check the appropriate output on the back of your laptop, usually underneath the battery.

    2. Joe Silverman

      You never want to go over the requirement. You can check it out where the laptop battery is stored, the battery compartment.

  3. i have a 90w charger on my 65w laptop and it makes it slower for some reason is this supposed to happen?

    1. Hi Mehad, you really want to match up the charger wattage to the one required of your laptop. Otherwise, it could cause power issues like surges or motherboard failures.

  4. Nicholas Crossette

    In theory yes. However listen carefully. The voltage must match what your computer needs and the amperage must be at or above what it needs. If you go over on amperage and watts your computer will be fine most of the time, but if there is a power surge the black box designed to protect the computer might allow too much energy through it(up to 90 watts) and instead of that device being ruined the computer fries. If you are over on voltage by too much it’ll slowly kill your computer and might even cause a house fire. If you are under on voltage or amperage your computer will slowly be ruined as well. Most devices that say 12v will run off of anything from around 12 to 14v, but much higher than that will ruin it. Try to match the voltage exactly, don’t go over by more than 10%. If you have correct voltage the amperage can be higher than your computer needs, that’s not going to effect it. but again if there is a power surge it might go through the device which allows 90watts and fry your computer which can only handle around 65 watts. Some devices are more flexible with power requirements, but computers should stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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