Windows 8 will have cloud syncing – Windows cloud setup

Windows 8 will be the next Microsoft operating system. The latest buzz has been about its cloud syncing %image_alt%feature.  The cloud integration will allow users to automatically sync their local C: drive folders and files to a cloud-based service.  It is assumed that Windows Live will be compatible, but what will really make this a valuable tech support tool is if it can be used with any cloud account, i.e. Carbonite, Mozy, Dell cloud computing, and Dropbox.

Another possible way Microsoft can use cloud computing is to store some of the Windows operating system files in the cloud. This will prevent software piracy as well as computer hackers.  Further, having Windows files in the cloud will allow Microsoft to install Windows updates right in the cloud so you don’t have to reboot your computer a million times to do it!  Don’t worry, if you cannot access the Internet, there will be backup files stored on your computer so your laptop or desktop will keep running.

As Internet speeds increase and computer network specialists further secure companies, Windows 8’s cloud syncing is a wave of the future. When Apple support came out with Time Capsule, the automatic backup software that works with any external device, we all thought that was genius.  Well, Windows 8’s cloud syncing feature is another genius strategy that will work perfectly for a solid disaster recovery plan.  This cloud syncing will recover files even if your building has a major disaster.  Also, data recovery on failed hard drives doesn’t always work.  That’s when cloud syncing also comes into play.  I’ll be very interested to see if Microsoft opens up the cloud service to all providers as I hope they will.  But, if they want to make a few more dollars, they’ll choose to keep it proprietary with Windows Live or Azure.

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    1. Joe Silverman

      Well, hopefully, it will speed up. Many times, it gets caught up on a few updates or even one, and when the process goes past it, it will be smooth sailing afterwards. Hang tight!

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