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%image_alt%This is a question we get all the time:  What’s a good, cheap laptop?  This question is typically the result of a customer learning their computer is shot and needs to be replaced.  Buying a new computer out of requirement is usually one that hasn’t been budgeted.  Hence, the question of the good cheap, laptop.

Good and cheap is usually followed by the requirement of needing the laptop right away.  So, that rules out buying the computer at a discounted rate online.  So, the question becomes “Where can I go to buy it?” 

Here are the places you can go for a new computer in NYC:

  • Best Buy – Dell Vostro and Lenovos will be found here along with some HP’s
  • Staples – Dell Inspirons are popular here
  • J & R – lots of variety, including: Sony, Lenovo, Dell, and HP
  • B & H Photo – also a good variety of laptops (i.e. Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, and Dell)

The laptops will mostly come with Windows 7 and 4GB of RAM.  So, the additional bucks will be for extra bells and whistles, such as Blu-Ray DVD drives, portable size, and solid state drives.  The cheapest and best dollar-to-dollar is the Toshiba, believe it or not, which is the laptop I’m typing on right now!  Toshiba’s may also be found in Costco by the way.  The next cheapest, but still good laptop, is the Lenovo laptop followed by HP, then Dell Inspiron/Vostro, and finally Sony.  Sony isn’t cheap so that’s why it reaches the end of the list.

Overall, the tech support on all these computers are not good.  Why?  You’ll have to typically go through the store you bought it from for the computer warranty so it will take a while to get your computer repaired.  If you get the extended warranty, you may go through the computer manufacturer after the first year.

If you can wait to buy your computer online, I’d recommend going for a Dell Latitude or Lenovo laptop.  The computer support is stellar and you’ll get the best price and reliable computer.

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