Eye-Fi wireless memory card – technology support review

%image_alt%Nowadays, taking a picture with a camera isn’t so easy. You never have it handy at the right time.  Your zillion megapixel camera is never around when your friend slips; your baby takes his first steps; or during a home run at the ballpark.  Well, maybe part of you not having it is that it’s just not as fun as your phone camera.

Yes, phone cameras don’t take great pictures and always seem to look a bit fuzzy. But, your phone is more attached to the world and social than your camera.  After you take a picture, you can email it or store it online.  A camera cannot.  In fact, your camera is only productive after you had a chance to go home, empty out your memory card’s pictures and videos on your computer, and then email or upload it.

No more!  Now, with the first ever wireless memory Card, Eye-Fi is changing the game. So, what’s so %image_alt%special about the Eye-Fi? Here are the tech support specs:

  • Stores pics and videos like any other memory card
  • Has a built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to transfer media to your phone or computer
  • Automatically schedule your photos and videos to copy to your computer or sharing site
  • No wireless network?  No problem.  Set up Direct Mode to transfer media to your phone.

Which sites can you directly transfer your pics to? Facebook, flickr, mobileme, snapfish, Picasa, shutterfly, YouTube, Kodak Gallery are a few of many popular sites you can work with.

I can hear you now, “That’s great, but how much?” Keep in mind this is the first of its kind so it’s expected to be a bit on the expensive side.  It is $50 for 4GB; $80 for 8GB; and $100 for a special higher quality 8GB card.

The manufacturer computer support for this product is not so good. That means don’t expect to get a live person on the phone who will walk you through all the steps.  Instead, expect a tech setup guide consisting of 30 pages.  Not fun, but if you’re somewhat computer savvy, you should be fine.

All that being said, this little gadget should make more people carry around their cameras. The best feature is being able to automatically set your photos and videos to go to your pic sharing site, i.e. Picasa, and then remove the pictures on your memory card after a certain number of days or right away.  That means you never have to worry about performing the picture transfer yourself from the memory card to your computer or online.  That feature, alone, validates shlepping your camera around with you.

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