Slow Windows 7? Make it faster! – Windows 7 support

Windows 7 can slow down over time.  All those files, startup programs, firewalls, antivirus software, and other stuff can%image_alt% slow down the works.

Here’s a quick 3-step guide to making Windows 7 lighting fast:

  1. Disable Search Indexing – right-click Computer->Manage.  Click Services and Applications->Double-click Services->Double-click Windows Search->Select Disabled in Startup type drop-down menu.  Select Apply and OK.  By disabling the search indexing, it removes all of the file tracking that your system stores for future searches.  This helps quicken search results.  However, if you’re an occasional searcher, it will bog down your system and slow down your overall performance.  Disabling this still allows for searching and quickens up Windows 7.
  2. Disable the Aero Theme – right-click your Desktop->Personalize->select Windows Color Tab.  Uncheck Enable Transparency box and select Open classic appearance properties for more color options->Apply a Standard or Basic theme.  Yes, the Aero theme may look pretty, but its a resource hog.  The Aero theme displays pictures more in a translucent and 3D feel.  However, if your day consists of just emailing and word files, you’ll never even get around to experiencing Aero.  Kill the Aero theme and speed up Windows 7.
  3. Turn off Unused Features – go to Control Panel->Programs and Features->Select Turn Windows features on or off->uncheck all features you don’t use and restart.  These features are optional and just take up processing speed from Windows 7.  Remove anything you don’t use to have Windows 7 speed up.

Following these quick procedures will give your Windows 7 a big boost.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a Windows 7 technician to follow these computer support steps.

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