Twitter Search – how to search on Twitter – social networking tip

Twitter has a smurfload of info. You can read about what Serena Williams said about her Wimbledon match to what Barbara Walters’ thoughts on the presidency.  But, sometimes it can be a bit daunting to see who you want to follow in order to see what is said on a daily basis.  Instead you can now take advantage of searching on Twitter.

By searching on Twitter, you can check out exactly who or what you want. If Madonna has a new album and you want to see where she’s touring or her thoughts, you can do a Twitter search for this.  How about checking out how the U.S. is pulling back troops internationally.  Perform a Twitter search and get back news stories on this.

Here’s how you perform a Twitter search:

  1. Go to search.twitter.com
  2. Click on trending topics or search for your own and click Return.
  3. For your own search, search by name, product, person, topic , Twitter username, or hashtag.

Hashtags just have a word with a pound sign (#) in front of them, such as #michaeljordan.  With a hash tag, you can look for any tweet that has been associated with a topic or event.

What’s the difference between a Twitter search and a Google search? Twitter offers more of a one-on-one personalization to it.  The Twitter search is all about a person’s perspective on his or her day, event, or topic.  Google may encompass a group, company, or other large scale organization.  It’s nice to perform the Twitter search when you’re looking for an opinion within the event, game, or topic.  Tweets will often be within the trenches or activity, such as a war, basketball game, or speech.  If you’re looking for a live viewpoint, the Twitter search is where it’s at.  Don’t worry, you don’ t have to be a Twitter computer expert to know how to work it.  As long as you know how to use Google search, you’re PC or mac computer expert skills will be sufficient enough.

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