How to play the stock market? – best technology support stocks

%image_alt%The stock market is not easy to read. If so, everyone would be millionaires.  For that reason, we then move to how we perceive everyone’s feelings on the economy, in turn, positively or negatively impacting the stock market.  With all this touchy feelyness, tons of retirement and investment funds are directly affected.

I am not a stock analyst and anything I say should not be taken as recommendations. My thoughts are just opinions and may not be taken as responsibility for any of your actions from such.  Okay, that is my official disclaimer.  Now, we can move on.  Based on my experience within the technology support field, I have developed a keen appreciation, after my own computer service company, of course.  I make the following stock recommendations based on my inherent knowledge of the technology support companies and industry.

Here are my top 3 technology stocks to go with for a solid long term investment:

  1. Apple – You can’t go wrong with the #1 hype machine.  Plus, they are constantly creating buzz with seasonal %image_alt%product launches, especially with the iPhone.  Their continued growth is taking gradual chunks of the operating system market, now at 10.7%, up from 8.5% last year.  This market increase will only go up.
  2. Asus – Maybe a shocker to you, but Asus has been one of the most dominant netbooks on the market in the last couple of years.  Cheap laptops is what’s cool, and with the market in turbulent times, this has been a popular computer to buy.
  3. Dell – Yes, maybe the old dinosaur of the computer companies, but still the most solid in terms of customer PC support.  Dell just lowered the cost of its Dell Latitude line significantly to $500 for most models, allowing business laptop sales to grow.  It has also added new smartphone and tablets, but the additional R&D in these products could hurt them when competing against the might Apple.  If they focus on their desktops, laptops, and push more warranty sales, they’ll be a solid choice long-term.

These choices may not be too much of a surprise to you apart from my Asus opinion.  But, I thought I’d share being that all anyone is talking about nowadays is stocks, stocks, stocks!

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