Can’t run Flash on iPhone? Flash issue solved

Adobe has just released that Flash will provide iPhone support soon.  That means that you’ll be able to watch videos on your iPhone.  Videos through Flash that is which happens to be the most popular video format.  Yes, the iPhone uses iTunes for its videos, but how many times do you go on a website where the video just simply doesn’t play or show up?  Now, you won’t have to worry about that since you’ll be able to run these Adobe Flash videos.

How is this now possible?  Adobe’s new Flash Media Server 4.5 will live stream its content so iPhones and iPads will be able to run videos easily.  Before, Flash was only able to be accessed through Apple’s Safari’s mobile browser which Apple basically didn’t make able to support Flash.  With Adobe’s live HTTP live streaming capability, the mobile browser isn’t a factor any more as Adobe does all the heavy lifting on their end.  This precludes the need for the browser to do any special conversions or compatility support; thus, the iPhone and iPad will be able to run Flash regardless of the iOS browser. 

Please note that Flash itself may be played on the iPhone or iPad, but only through already compatible software.  That’s a big confusing to me, but for the most part, Flash seems like it will be a full reality soon on the iOS platform.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an iPhone expert or iPad support specialist to make this work.  This will all come in due time with Adobe’s updates.

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