How to protect data if cloud service goes down? – data recovery cloud IT service

%image_alt%The cloud is great…when it works. When it crashes or fades away, it’s not so good.  Do you remember Friendster, GeoCities, Sidekick, or LaLa?  These were all very new cloud-IT support services that abruptly shut down with many users losing tons of data.  Yes, these IT companies tried to make amends with angry customers by restoring files, but this was too little and too late for most.

So, who can you trust? Well, it’s still early in the game for online cloud IT services, but here are the top three factors to look for in a reliable cloud service to protect your data:%image_alt%

  • Easy backup – Look for a site that already has an automated backup tool in place.  Can you easily export the data to your computer?
  • Terms of service – Find out what happens to your data if the cloud service shuts its doors or crashes.
  • Trial test – Most offer up to 30 days of trial.  Test the service with some arbitrary files and see if there is any downtime, service disruptions, updates, or anything else that could become a nuisance over time.

I cannot stress how important it is to realize that the cloud world is very new.  That being said, some have slippery exit strategies, absolving themselves of any legal action or responsibilities.  You should do your due diligence to ensure your cloud service takes your data seriously if there is a major server issue, disaster, or door closing on their end.

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