Change iPhone to blue! Convert iPhone to blue – iPhone blue color change

%image_alt%%image_alt%%image_alt%Black or white? Pretty boring! You don’t have to be colorless for your iPhone.  Instead, jazz it up with blue! New York Computer Help is one of the only iPhone repair companies that will change your iPhone to blue.  You have a choice of crystal blue or sky blue.  With the iPhone color conversion service, your front glass, back cover, and home button will be changed to the color of your choice.

Just mention CODE: BLUEBLOG and get your exclusive blue iPhone for only $179! This special promotion will continue as supplies last.  I have had a bunch of friends and family switch to the blue iPhone, and love it.  My favorite is the crystal blue front and back with a black home button.  This looks very manly!  The ladies have typically chosen the sky blue front and back with a white home button.  Very feminine and sleek.

As a cool feature of this iPhone service, you can choose any home button color you’d like. Home button colors include: black, white, sky blue, crystal blue, pink, green, red, yellow, and transparent.  This is a nice way to mix up the colors a bit.

The blue iPhone color change has been a huge hit for a birthday gift for dads, husbands, and boyfriends. Also, if your iPhone glass breaks or you have another iPhone issue, this is a logical time to just put the money towards the blue iPhone conversion.  Be different:  turn your iPhone to blue!

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