Understanding iCloud on the iPhone 5 – automatic iPhone backup – iphone service support

%image_alt%The iPhone 5 is around the corner.  The best feature from my perspective is the iCloud apple support. iCloud is the Apple cloud where it will back up files, pics, songs, videos, and anything else you want to the cloud.  Want to have the same calendar or contacts on your iPhone and computers? No prob.  Sick of continuing to install the same apps on your iPhone, Mac, or Windows computers? No more.  iCloud allows you to save your files, download apps, or enter contact, calendar, and email info just once.  Then, it wirelessly pushes this info to all your devices.  Very seamless.

Here’s how the iCloud technology support pricing works.%image_alt%

  • Start with 5GB for free
  • 15GB costs $20/year
  • 25GB costs $40/year
  • 55GB costs $100/year

As long as iCloud is not a Mobile Me rendition (Mobile Me was a bomb), then we are in store for some great tech service here. I’m much more excited about this cloud service than the iPhone 5 itself.  If this works well, you’ll no longer have to worry about syncing your iPhone to your computer with iTunes.  No more worrying about how your iPhone email will show the same changes on your computer or iPad.  Don’t worry about how to transfer your iPhone pics and videos to your computer.  The nominal fees per year are definitely worth it especially if the wireless cloud uploads work well.

By the way, along with the 5GB free storage, Apple has gone above and beyond to not count purchased music, apps, books and TV shows toward your storage limit. Why? Apple is pretty much already storing this content, when purchased, on the Apple server service so they’re considering this stuff like free rent.  In any case, it’s a nice touch and hopefully the overall iCloud service will be a smooth, functioning IT service we all can take advantage of.

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