Best computer tips for wireless home networking – top 5 wireless solutions – home networking issues

%image_alt%The number one computer issue challenge most customers are willing to try is wireless home networking. Why not? The wireless router even comes with its own router setup instructions.  The proof with this is that most customers will call us only after they’ve tried to set up a wireless network and failed.  Other tech projects are not even attempted, but wireless router setups are attempted the most.

It’s not rocket science, and is definitely on the very easy scale of the tech difficulty barometer. I’m not going to teach you, step-by-step, how to set up a router.  You will find these instructions in your router box or directed online to find these steps from your manufacturer.  What I will teach you is what you can do to fix your wireless router if it flakes out.

Here are the top 5 wireless home networking tips:

  1. No wireless? Power cycle! Turn off your modem, router, and computer(s).  Wait 5 minutes, then, turn on your modem, then router, and finally computers.  90% of wireless issues are fixed this way.%image_alt%
  2. Dead spots? Move your wireless router to a higher level.  If no help, install an extender or high-gain antenna.
  3. Can’t remember the wireless password? Reset!  Hold down the back button for up to 30 seconds or use a paperclip to reach the reset button.  Then, follow the initial instructions to set up your router again.
  4. Wireless signal is much slower to all computers. Limit your DHCP clients so that neighbors will not steal your signal.  You’ll find this Maximum Number of DHCP users within your router login screen.
  5. Random Internet drops. Step up to 5GHZ instead of the typical 2.4GHZ range to avoid interference.  Also change the channel from 1 to 11 since neighboring routers operate at 1 by default which could cause wireless congestion.

If these wireless networking tips do not work, then you might have to replace your wireless router or modem.  The best way to further approach this is to call your Internet Service Provider, i.e Verizon, or TimeWarner.  If they say the signal is okay from their end, you know the problem is with your wireless router, cable, or configuration.

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