HP DV9000 / DV6000 / DV 2000 blank screen fix – HP Presario v3000 / v6000 blank screen fix

%image_alt%HP has a known defect on HP DV and Presario series laptops due to an overheating video issue. HP’s limited liability recall program will fix this computer issue for free if within one year out of your warranty.  But, if it’s outside this time frame, what do you do? We have seen hundreds of these defective laptops come through out NYC computer repair shop.  We have been referring customers to call HP to see if the laptop is within the time frame to still fix it.  Most just didn’t want to deal with the process and got new computers.

Now, I’m happy to announce that we have found a way to fix this HP laptop issue! Instead of throwing out your laptop, you can have it fixed.

Which laptops have defects?%image_alt%

  • HP Pavilion DV2000 series
  • HP Pavilion DV6000 series
  • HP Pavilion DV9000 series
  • HP Presario v3000 series
  • HP Presario v6000 series

How do you know if your laptop has this video defect?

  • If you’re HP laptop is listed within the defect list boots up to a blank screen, then your laptop has the video defect.

What exactly is the video defect?

  • Essentially, the laptop has overheated.  Specifically, the graphic card has overheated.  You may first start to see your video resolution decline to 640 x 480 or your laptop turn off intermittently.  Finally, the laptop will just turn on to a blank screen.

How much?  How long?  Is there a warranty?

  • The fix is $250.  The laptop service job itself is at least 3 hours since we need to open up the whole laptop and through many different temperature reconditioning methods, we ensure the video and processor are no longer overheating.  Bringing back the laptop temperature to normal will have your laptop working again.  It takes 3 working hours, and will be returned to you within 1 – 3 days.  The warranty is 90 days.

We take walk-ins, messengered, and shipped laptops.  Just send it to us and we’ll fix your blank screen laptop right away.

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