Lytro camera review – refocus picture easily

%image_alt%How many times have you taken a bad picture?  Too many times I’m sure! It’s frustrating to look at a blurry picture %image_alt% especially when you know the image could have been clearer by zooming out or applying more light.  Most pictures lack the necessary quality due to the lack of light captured by the camera itself.

Finally, there’s a camera that not only lets in tons of light (11 million light rays to be exact), but also allows you to correct any screw-ups after. Lytro allows a multitude of light, such as color, intensity, and direction which most cameras lack.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty details.  Here are the Lytro specs:

  • 8x optical zoom – most point and shoot cameras have this
  • Megapixels – number has not been announced, but speculated at 8 – 10x
  • 7.55 ounces – weighs like a feather.  2nd best feature to its size.
  • Touch-controlled zoom slider – think iPhone zooming.  Nice feature.
  • No shutter lag – take fast shots
  • Storage – 8GB (350 photos) and 16GB (700 photos) flash drive
  • Size – Tiny!  Smaller than a Nano and can easily fit into your shirt pocket.  Best feature by far.
  • Cost – $400 for 8GB model and $500 for 16GB model

The most notable feature left out is the lack of a SD card slot for your memory card. But, the 16GB storage size tries to make up for that.  Also, there is not auto focus motor since it’s so small so some shots may come out blurry.  That’s why the company allows you to refocus the image right on your touchscreen which is a cool bonus.  But, it’s almost like it needs to produce such a feature to make up for the lack of auto focus.  So, it’s kind of a wash here in my mind.

You can also refocus the picture on your computer. But, currently, there is only Mac support as it’s not clear if Windows support will be provided in time for the early 2012 launch.  That would be a huge mistake to not allow Windows users the chance to buy its product.  By the way, you can transfer the photos to your computer with the Lytro’s mini USB port and cable.

Another fallback is that pictures are taken in its own Lytro proprietary .LFP format. Yes, you can convert the pics to the regular JPEG format, but then you’ll lost the whole glory of the camera: its interactive refocusing features.

I started reviewing this camera thinking it’s tiny, weighs like a feature, and has some cool auto-focus features on the touchscreen. But, the lack of focus-correction, SD card slot, universal file format, and Windows compatibility throws this in the junk pile for me.  With the iPod Touch and iPhone support, you have a similar or better quality camera.  Plus, you’ll have an easier time focusing and sharing your pics.  Don’t go for the Lytro camera.

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