Best sports watch – iPod nano review – iPod nano is the best sports watch

%image_alt%The iPod nano is typically though as of a glorified mp3 player, but you should think of it as the best sports watch out there.  Now just starting at $129, you can add a $25 watchband and you instantly have the most full-featured sports watch available.

Here are iPod nano sports features:

  • Need to see the time while running?  Choose from 18 different clock faces, including analog, sporty, retro, or classic.
  • How much weight do you lose?  How far did you run?  Just enter your height and weight, and find out how many calories you exerted; your distance; how long you worked out for; and far you are from your daily goal.  You can upload all your results %image_alt%to your computer for your overall progress.
  • Want to listen to music during your workout?  You can turn on the FM radio or play one of your iTunes songs.
  • Not sure which songs to listen to?  Tap Genius to let Apple support‘s personal DJ create a playlist that flows nicely.  If you don’t like the song, shake your iPod nano to instantly go to a new song.

Don’t worry about the battery on this device.  It will have 24 hours of non-stop music and toying around.  Also, you can store up to 8GB of music and pictures, or upgrade just for $20 for 16GB.

If you don’t like wearing a watch, you can easily clip the iPod nano to your shirt, pocket, or anywhere else.  Best of all, it works right out of the box without any tech support hassle.  Also, if disaster strikes and your iPod nano crashes or doesn’t work, just buy a new one since it’s so cheap!  You can mix an match your iPod color with the wristband.  For instance, a pink iPod nano goes nicely with white for the ladies while blue and black is a nice combination for the guys.

There is no sports watch out there that combines so much functionality with the easy touch screen accessibility.  Plus, it looks beautiful.

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