Best Jailbreak iPhone apps – Top 5 Jailbreak Apps that will save you time

Jaibreaking your iPhone is bad, right?  Well, it is no longer illegal.  It’s just that Apple support won’t service %image_alt%your iPhone if it doesn’t work.  So, you need to make sure it is back to factory default settings before you service it or return it.

That being said, why would you jailbreak your iPhone?  The apps you can download are incredible and different than what is normally offered through the iTunes Store.  I have listed the 5 best jailbreak apps below, taking into consideration their creativity, sleekness, and above all, their ability to save precious time.

Here are the top 5 Jailbreak iPhone apps:

  1. Winterboard – It completely lets you modify you iPhone’s interface, including: fonts, icons, text, and background.
  2. SnapTap – For $1, download this to turn your volume buttons into shutter buttons to take snap shots.  This makes taking pictures very easy and quick instead of missing the great shot by the shot you go to your Camera app.
  3. BiteSMS – This free glorified texting app allows you to text smileys, signatures, icons, and scheduled texts.  If you text a lot, this will shorthand your way of texting to speed up your messages.
  4. Color Keyboard – For $2, change the boring iPhone keyboard to the color of your choice.   Also, jazz up the font, background, and key shape.  Also, add numbers to your keyboard to save time from toggling back and forth for letters and numbers.  Another time saver.
  5. ManualCorrect – This free app corrects the default iPhone’s flawed spellchecker by only correcting the spelling if you tap on it.  This way, you won’t get tripped up and retype the word it incorrectly spelled.

The hardest part about installing these apps is jailbreaking your iPhone first.  Go to Google and perform a search for this first.  Then, download away!  The downloading of the apps is just as easy as installing an app from the regular Apple service iTunes store.

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