Computer coffee shop etiquette – how to use your computer in a coffee shop – top 3 coffee shop computer rules

%image_alt%Anytime I walk by a Starbucks or another neighborhood coffee shop, I always see the place knee-deep with laptop users.  Whether folks wants to get out of the house, take a break in the day, or otherwise, coffee shops are getting more and more packed with customers hanging out with laptops and iPads.

Not a big deal.  Actually, I think it’s great.  However, there hasn’t been a computer service code established for these coffee shops.  So, I figured I would create one to cut down on the tech chaos I have seen as of late.

Here are my top 3 coffee shop computer rules:

  1. Don’t squat!  30 minutes is sufficient to drink your cup of Joe, check your emails, and peruse some websites.  Beyond the 30 minutes, you’re procrastinating – go home or just leave!  Other folks want to perch on your so-sacred chair.  This is the number one code that should be created as many abuse this one.
  2. The coffee shop is not your office.   If you need to make a quick call to the wife or associate, make it within a few minutes.  Any call over 5 minutes will constitute you using the coffee shop for business use.  Big point penalty!  The coffee shop is not your office.  So, don’t start performing phone interviews and teleconference calls.
  3. Drink coffee!  It sounds crazy, but some so-called customers find a cozy chair, pop open their laptop, and are drink-free.  That’s borderline trespassing!  By all means grab a drink, a banana, or something out of courtesy for sharing the coffee shop’s rented space.

Other notable rules are to use earphones for music playing, don’t attempt to hack into other computers, and to make sure to bring your laptop with you to the bathroom for IT security reasons.  On a more serious note, if you like frequenting your neighborhood coffee shop, limit your time there so they can serve more customers.  The last thing you want to do is take up valuable space and shut down the joint!  I ask that you follow this simple IT service code while enjoying your coffee next time.  Is that so wrong of me to ask for?!%image_alt%

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