When is new Apple TV coming out – Apple TV release date – Apple TV specs

%image_alt%The iPhone, iPad, and iPod have truly defined their own industry as others are trying to keep up.  Not so much with the Apple TV.  But, the new Apple TV, the 3rd-generation version, is the talk of town.  Why?  Because the first two weren’t mind-blowing, change-the-world devices like its sibling products.  This is the time for the Apple support folks to get it right and take over the TV industry.

When is the new Apple TV coming out?  Our Apple experts have info stating the new Apple TV devices will debut between August – December of 2012.  Our analysts have high expectations for the new Apple TV, especially since we’ve heard from the Apple engineers how the Apple iOS 5 will be integrated with the iTV.  If you’re expecting that small Apple TV box as before, you’ll be completely surprised.  We have leaked information that Apple is working on releasing an actual flat screen TV that will have everything integrated.  That’s right, a whole TV!

Here are a few new Apple TV features:

  • 32″ and 55″ Flat Panel LCD Models
  • 1080p video%image_alt%
  • Same processing speed as iPad 3
  • Compatibility with iOS devices
  • Airplay and shared iTunes access
  • Apps and iCloud integration
  • Change channels verbally with Siri
  • 3D and multi-touch screen

Pricing will be double that of regular TVs, but what do you expect with an integrated computer inside your TV?!  You will still need to pay for TV service to view channels since Apple hasn’t been able to partner with many networks due to high licensing costs.  That being said, expect Apple to take over the industry once again.  This time it will be the TV industry.

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