Internet Explorer 10 review – when is Internet Explorer coming out?

Let’s face it, Internet Explorer 9 was a bust and version 8 wasn’t much of a water cooler topic.  But, Microsoft support is going to change the way we think of Internet Explorer with version 10.

To understand Internet Explorer (IE) 10, we must hone in first on some functions in Windows 8.  Windows 8 has a new Metro-style interface, originally used for the Windows Phone 7.  Don’t let the Windows phone discourage you as this style is a lot easier to navigate than past Windows versions.  Think lots of graphical boxes that you can easily see, click, and even touch to navigate.  I’ve included an example picture below to show you the new metro graphical interface.

Essentially, Microsoft is looking to tie in the metro look with Windows, Internet Explorer, and its other apps.  Sounds kind of Mac-like, right?  Well, it is, but on the Microsoft level.  So, if you’d like to keep all your stuff synced and looking the same, this is for you.  You can use the regular IE interface that you’re used to, but toggle to the metro look upon request.

What else you ask?  Windows service engineers have decided to swear off Flash, Silverlight, and all plug-ins.  That way, it will be a cleaner HTML5 architecture and, more importantly, less computer viruses.  Less plug-ins and updates mean more battery life for laptops and tablets.

Here is a list of notable IE 10 features:

  • CSS3 multi-column support automatically adjusts Twitter, Facebook, and other columns nicely.
  • Auto-scaling feature for web apps (i.e. Microsoft office, webmail, Google apps)
  • Multiple layouts lets you decide which look and feel to go with in IE

The new IE 10 should run much faster than older versions due to the removal of plug-ins and multiple architectures.  The one challenge the Microsoft engineers will always have though is that IE is always a bull’s eye for virus creators.  IE is built into Windows, meaning it comes with every Windows computer.  Even if you solely use Firefox or Chrome, viruses can still get through Internet Explorer and infect the operating system.  Obviously, Microsoft is mindful of that, but will need to work extra hard to do better to keep computer virus infections under control.

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