Best wireless speaker – best wireless light speaker – install your own wireless speaker in minutes

%image_alt%Now, you don’t have to hire an expensive sound guy to hook up stereo speakers for you.  Thanks to Klipsch LightSpeaker Audio system, you can install your own wireless network speakers in minutes. 

Typically, a speaker system includes installing a ceiling or wall speaker, and of course to hide the wiring from the stereo unit that runs to the speakers.  Klipsch makes it easy by providing two light bulbs that include the wireless speaker.  All you need is a ceiling light fixture and replace it with the Klipsch appliance.  It includes a light bulb and the speaker.  Then, you control the speaker with a remote control that connects to it.  You can play your iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, laptop, or stereo system and then have the wireless speaker lights amplify the music.

Here’s the cool factor:  You can set up 8 wireless speakers in your house, and then have 2 zones with different music playing.  If your kids like listening to Hannah Montana and you like jazz music, no problem.  Just queue up both stations and play them in two different rooms.  Pretty cool.  I definitely think this is an ingenious tech support product, and recommend it.  Overall, it costs $600 for the two speakers and remote.  Each additional speaker costs $250.

As for the bulb’s expiration date, its life expectancy is 15 years, or 40,000 hours of use.  This is definitely longer than the average bulb, and it well worth the money.  The technology setup is very easy and has been set up by many non-technical experts thus far.  %image_alt%

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