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2012 Best Computer Support – New Years’ Resolutions

2012 is finally here.  Yes, we will be making New Years’ Resolutions that will be about losing weight, building muscle, and making more money.  But, what about your computer support resolutions?  Computers need love too, and the better you treat your computer network, the more reliable it will be for you.

Here are the top three computer support New Years’ Resolutions to strive for:

  1. Back it up!  Stop talking about having a good ongoing file backup and actually set one up!  There’s no excuse.  There are a zillion cloud backups out there, Mozy, Box, DropBox to name a few.  Or just buy an external hard drive to back up your files.  The last thing you want in 2012 is an expensive data recovery expense.
  2. Access your files anywhere.  Whether you’re in the office, home, or vacationing, you should be able to access your files from anywhere.  Google Apps, Picasa, DropBox, SugarSync, and LogMeIn can make this a reality for you.  No excuse on this one either due to the multitude of available apps.
  3. Savor your timeless photos.  Pics seem to always be the first to forget to back up on a crashed hard drive.  It’s so easy to keep on taking pictures and then forgot to back them up after loading them onto your computer.  With Picasa, Shutterfly, and Apple’s iCloud, this can be done very easily.

I guarantee that if you follow these three top computer sevice resolutions, you will sleep well at night knowing your files are safe and easily accessible.  Of course, a notable fourth resolution is installing an active antivirus software on your computer if it is running Windows, but let’s just work with manageable goals for now.

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