HP battery recall – Does my HP laptop have a defective battery? – Should I buy an HP laptop?

If your HP laptop is getting very hot, you might have a defective battery.  There have been cases where the batteries have caught fire from running so hot, causing leg burns.  If you have an HP laptop, check to make sure your battery isn’t one on those on the list.

Check out the HP affected laptop list as well as instructions on replacing the defective battery.

I am not usually one to ban computer manufacturers, but I have a severe distaste for HP laptops.  There have been known defects and recalls on several Pavilion series lines where the video chip on the motherboard would fail, rendering the laptop useless.  Our laptop repair experts have had to learn how to fix this video chip issue since so many customers really needed it fixed.  HP, on the other hand, would just provide a limited warranty repair which would be too expensive to go ahead with.

Now, this battery recall comes up which is not the first battery recall from HP.  Yes, these batteries are separate components purchased through non-HP companies, but it is HP’s poor choose in sub-par products that puts it in this position.  Overall, most of the HP products, especially the Pavilion, Presario, and Compaq lines are poorly constructed.  There are lots of plastic flimsy materials.  Plus, the inside of it leads to minimal ventilation.

I will come off my HP soapbox in one moment, don’t worry.  The local stores are all selling HP’s.  Why?  They are dirt cheap and you get what you paid for.  If you decide to go with the HP, I’d recommend going low or high.  On the low end, I’d recommend buying a netbook.  If it dies, you would have only paid $200 or less so it’s not such a heartbreak.  On the high end, the HP ENVY is a superior model with big LCD that integrates quality beats audio speakers.  Other than that, stay away or else HP laptop repair will be a near event for you.

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