Best way to watch TV on your iPad – iPad TV – iPad TV setup – How to watch TV on iPad?

Watching videos on your iPad is great.  But, watching TV on your iPad is priceless.  With today’s free Internet age of being able to download free videos and movies, although with the risk of computer viruses, I feel like we should be applauded for still paying for a TV cable subscription.  So, why not take advantage of this monthly bill by watching TV on your iPad?

Slingbox will make this happen.  How does this work?

  1. Just buy the Slingbox, hook it up to your TV cable box and Internet connection.
  2. Then, download the iPad Slingbox app, and you’re off and watching TV on your iPad.

Just two steps and you get high-definition TV on your iPad.  The cost will run you about $250-$300, and will not include additional monthly fees like other apps will cost you.  The technology setup is easy.  Just follow the instructions.

As a cool addition to Slingbox, you can download the free app, IntoNow by Yahoo.  Somehow, someway this app will detect the exact show, program, or movie you’re watching by simply listening to it, and then brings back to you descriptive info, including: episode number, description, related social and news info.  In turn, you are fully aware of your show and can socialize with others.  It’s a nice little TV guide companion while watching TV.  There is also iPhone support for TV viewing.

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